Brand Name Products Name Application Products Details
ACETO-PEP ACETOBACTER Nitrogen fixing bacteria
AZOS-PEP AZOSPIRILUM Nitrogen fixing bacteria & PGPR
AZOTO-PEP AZOTOBACTER Nitrogen fixing bacteria & PGPR
RHIZO-PEP RHIZOBIUM Nitrogen fixing bacteria & PGPR
PEP- MYCO MYCORRHIZA, GRANULES (ENDO & ECTO) 60 PROPAGULES OR 1200 IP/GM Promotes nutrient uptake efficiency mainly Phosphate, control soil pathogen & improve soil pH.
PSB PEP PHOSPHATE SOLUBILIZING BACTERIA ( PSB) Excellent plant growth promoter; improve availability of Phosphate and other micro nutrient to plant & improve soil pH
KSB PEP POTASSIUM SOLUBILIZING BACTERIA(KSB) Improve potash uptake in plant, improve colour and quality of produce, and also improve resistance to diseases in crops.
ZSB PEP ZINC SOLUBILIZING BACTERIA (ZSB) Improve plant growth in Zn deficient soil and improve soil pH and up take of other essential micro nutrient. Control Khera disease in paddy.
BIO – NPK CONSORTIUM OF NITROGEN, POTASSIUM & PHOSPHOROUS SOLUBILISING BACTERIA NPK biofertilizer increase nitrogen uptake, produce plant growth hormones and vitamins.

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