Amino acids are organic molecules that are part of proteins, playing a key role in most biological processes in plants. They require protein for their proper growth. It helps in increasing crop resistance. Improves quality of the flower & fruits. Amino acid increases the rate of photosynthesis. The synthesis of large amounts of free amino acids reduces the formation of proteins, negatively affecting the growth of the plant. That’s why the application of amino acids mixtures in the plant favors all the processes in which the proteins will be readily available to the plants for their functioning.



  • Stimulates a better nutrient uptake by the roots and through the leaf surface.
  • Provides amino acids for direct absorption
  • Helps plants in protein biosynthesis
  • Increases the plants resistance against abiotic stress (drought, heat, cold, salt)
  • Improve the yield quality and quantity.
  • Significantly increases biomass production and yield


Dosage:  300 Gram/ Acre

Target Plants: It can be used on any type of plant, tree or crop.

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