Crop Tiger is an unique formulation designed especially for complete health of Sugarcane and Paddy. The gray colored powder is a blend of soluble Silica and Humic acid with many micronutrients. Crop Tiger builds an unbeatable strength in plants against any climatic pressure and diseases. Crop Tiger has multi-functional capabilities of not only anti-fungal, but also crop enhancers by providing potassium as nutrition to crops. 


  • Increases the quality of the vegetables and fruits by thickening its Cell Wall of the stem and stalks.
  • Protect plants/ crops from fungal attacked of spider mites, small piercing sucking insects and also root knot / sting nematodes.
  • Stronger crops are drought resistant and any adverse climatic changes like temperature drop or high heat conditions.
  • Increase the plant’s tolerance to biotic and abiotic stresses.
  • Increases the Water holding capacity with the changes in soil microflora.
  • Improves photosynthetic activity with the help of silicon.

Silicon and Humic acid are origins of natural soil, thus Crop Tiger is very ideal for organic farming also. The special blend of Crop Tiger can bring a drastic change in the crops which can be profitable for all. 


  • 500-1000 gm/acre as foliar application 
  • 2 kg / acre as soil drenching
  • The application always varies as per the size of the crop.


Alginic AcidMore Than – 20.0%
Humic AcidMore Than – 60.0%
Potassium OxideK2O
Silicon Dioxide (SiO 2 )More Than – 15.0%
Fulvic AcidMore Than – 5.0%
Zinc (Zn)Positive
Iron (Fe)Positive
Manganese (Mg)Positive
Boron (B)Positive
Molybdenum (Mo)Positive