Lambdacyhalothrin 10% WP

Lambdacyhalothrin 10%WP is a high performance synthetic pyrethroid recommended for use against adult vector mosquitoes. It is also used to control cockroaches, house flies, and other crawling insects. It is recommended for public health and household use only. It is not recommended to be used on any food crop.



Mode of Action:

• Lambdacyhalothrin 10%WP has strong contact, stomach, and repellent properties.

• Rapid knockdown of pests that come into contact with a Lambdacyhalothrin 10% WP-treated surface.

• Lambdacyhalothrin 10%WP causes paralysis and death in insects by disrupting the normal functioning of their nervous system. 

Benefits of Lambdacyhalothrin 10% WP

  • It is a broad-spectrum insecticide.
  • Can kill insects on contact as well as repel them.
  • Extremely effective against malaria mosquitos and other public health pests.
  • Long-lasting residual control on many surfaces for at least nine months.

Target Species:

Mosquitoes, Flies, and Cockroaches

Target Pest and Crop of Lambdacyhalothrin 10% WP

Recommended for

Target Pest


Dilution in Water (Ltr)

For Household use

Mosquito, House flies, Cockroach

100 gm


For Public Health use


75-150 gm