Paclobutrazol 40% SC

Paclobutrazol is one of the extensively used plant growth regulators used especially in mango fruit. Primarily, the role of paclobutrazol is to inhibit gibberellin synthesis and promote flowering and fruiting. Thus, the vegetative growth reduces and the assimilates are transferred to reproductive organs and the yield potential increases.

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The growth hormones in plants synthesizes and influences the development process. On the
other hand, some plant growth regulators are antagonistic to the hormones which supports in
shoot elongation. Such retardants reduce the shoot length and channelizes the nutrients
towards fruit and seed production.

Benifits of Paclobutrazol 40% SC:

  • Controlling the foliage growth.
  • Increasing flowering results to increase yield.
  • Early flowering with early & enhanced fruit maturity.
  • Development of better fruit color and size.

Paclobutrazol the Plant Growth Regulator assists your mango crops to achieve full blossom
potential by making a balance between foliar and fruit growth.

Dosage in Mango Tree Drench Method:

Dosage of Paclobutrazol varies according to the age of Mango tree:
1. For below 10 Years = 8 ml
2. For above 10 Years = 16 ml

Application of Paclobutrazol 40% SC:

TIME: After the harvest of fruits Paclobutrazol must be applied ideally.

Method of Use:

Paclobutrazol is much effective when used with Collar Drench method. With recommended
quantity of Paclobutrazol with 0.5 – 2 liter of water per tree, apply this on soil or trunk crack
line around the base of the trunk.

apply Paclobutrazol as Soil Drench. Dilute recommended quantity of Paclobutrazol in
clean water of 10 liters and apply in a furrow 5 cm deep about 2 to 3 feet away from the
trunk, fill up with soil after application.

By Foliar Spray Application, the new flowering can be treated with 1000 – 2000 ppm
after the sunset.