Pseudomonas Fluorescens

Active Ingredient: Pseudomonas fluorescens
Finished Product: Talcum based powdered formulation of Pseudomonas fluorescens
CFU Count: NLT 1 x 108 cfu/gm
Functional Uses: Bio-fungicide


  • Pseudomonas fluorescens protect crops from a number of soil borne / seed borne plant pathogens.
  • It is specific to the plant pathogens and eco-friendly in nature.
  • It induces resistance in crop plants also.
  • It helps in controlling pathogenic nematodes present in the soil.
  • It promotes plant growth by PGR activity.


Vegetable crops, Oilseeds, Cotton, Paddy, Maize, Rice, Pulses, Sugarcane, Ornamental crops Fruit crops.

Highly effective to the plant pathogens like Fusarium spp, Verticillium spp., Phytopthora spp, Pythium spp., Rhizoctonia spp., Botrytis spp, Sclerotium spp., and Sclerotinia sp., Xanthomons sp.etc.


  • Seed Treatment: Mix 20-25 gm formulation in 1 litre of water and applied specially tuber crops like Potato, Sweet potato etc. Shade dry the seeds for 20-30 minutes before sowing.
  • Seedlings Treatment: Dissolve 500 gm formulation in 25 litre of water. Dip seedling root for about half an hour in the suspension and transplant immediately.
  • Nursery Seed Bed Preparation: Mix 500 gm formulation in 10 kg of well-decomposed farm yard manure/compost/vermi compost and broadcast in an acre.
  • Drip Irrigation: Mix 1-2 kg formulation in 100 litre of water and drench the soil in 1 acre.
  • Horticulture/Vegetable Crops: Mix 500 gm formulation in 100 litre of water and drench the soil near the root zone up to 15 – 20 cm depth for collar rot control with high volume sprayer without nozzler or big nozzle.
  • Fruit Crops: Mix 20 – 50 gm formulation per plant in sufficient quantity of farmyard manure/vermi compost/soil of the field and broadcasting the active root zone of the fruit crop.

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