Potassium Humate 20%

Potassium Humate Flake is made from natural high grade Leonardite. With diffrent grade of solubility, it can be used for compound fertilizer production, irrigation and foliar spray. It’s applied in landscape and garden as well as agricultural and horticultural plants.

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Benefits of Potassium Humate 20%

  1. Improve the soil structure, promote fertilizer efficiency.
  2. Increase capacities of water holding and cation exchange.
  3. Prevent soil from contamination of heavy metallic ions, reduce pesticide residue.
  4. Enhance soil ability of Anti-hard water.
  5. Stimulate plants growth and seed germination.
  6. Promote root development.
  7. Improve nutrient uptake through the leaves and roots.
  8. Improve the effectiveness of pesticides.
  9. Increase yield and improves quality of plants.


Target Crops:

All types of Crops & vegetables

Application of Potassium Humate 20%:

  1. Irrigation
  2. Foliar spray


Store in a cool, dry, well ventilated area, keep away from fire and heat. Prevent direct sunlight.


20kg, 25kg, 500kg 1000kg bag

Other Details:

  • It is a unique product with both acid and alkaline soluble humate presence.
  • It gets dissolved completely, when directly added to fertilizers, micronutrient, or biostimulant formulations of any pH.
  • It enables the user to apply this humate in direct tank mix, drip irrigation and fertigation or acid soil applications that are unacceptable for conventional products.