Acetobacter by PBL is a specialized formulation of beneficial nitrogen-fixing bacteria (Azotobacter sp.), available in both liquid and powder forms. This product significantly enhances nitrogen in the plant naturally, thereby reducing the dependency on synthetic fertilizers. Acetobacter promotes plant growth by producing vital growth promoters and enhancing root development. It also offers protection against various diseases, improves nutrient uptake, and enriches soil structure for superior water retention and aeration.

Active Ingredient: Azotobacter
Finished Product – Talcum based powdered formulation of Azotobacter.
CFU Count – NLT 2 x 108 cfu/gm
Functional Uses – Bio-Fertilizer

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Product Benefits:-

  • Azotobacter is nitrogen fixing (20- 40 kg N/ha) bioinoculant suitable for all crops except legumes.
  • Apart from nitrogen fixation, Azotobacter synthesize considerable amount of biologically active substances. These help the crop in better germination, early emergence and better root development.
  • Stimulates growth and imparts stay green character to plants/crop, is a characteristic of a healthy plant/crop.


Method of Application & Dosage:-

  • Seed treatment: Before sowing the seeds, treat one kg of seeds with 35-40 gm of formulation with minimum amount of water required, dry in shade.
  • Soil application: Mix 5 kg of formulation with 100 kg of well decomposed organic manure or 50 kg vermicompost, keep the mixture under shade for one week and broadcast to the field.
  • Drip irrigation: Mix five kg of formulation in 100 litre of water. Filter the mixture with a muslin / mal-mal cloth and use the filtered solution in drip irrigation for one acre.