Trichoderma Viride 1.5% w.p.

Trichoderma Viride 1.5% w.p. (tricho Pep-V)

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Benefits of Trichoderma Viride 1.5% wp

  • It is an eco-friendly bio-fungicide.
  • It gives protection against a number of soil-borne / seed borne pathogens to crop in nursery beds and as
    well in field by action of myco-parasitism and antibiosis.
  • It decomposes raw organic farm wastes, solubilizes soil phosphorus, reclaims adverse soils, promotes plant growth and protects soil eco-system.
  • It increases the plant’s growth & vigour as well as built resistance in plants to drought and diseases.
  • It is compatible with organic manures and bio-fertilizers.


Target Crops

It has a wide range of activity and used in Paddy, Maize, Rice, Pulses, Vegetable crops, Oil seeds, Cotton, Ginger, Turmeric, Cardamom, Tea, Coffee and Fruits crop etc.

Target Pathogen

  • Pythium aphanidermatum
  • Rhizoctonia solani
  • Fusarium oxysporum
  • Sclerotinia rolfsii
  • Macrophomina phaseolina
  • Cephalosporium spp.
  • Sclerotium Rolfsii,
  • Phytophthora infestans
  • Meloidogyne incognita (root knot-nematodes)

Method of Application an Dosage of Trichoderma Viride 1.5% WP

  • Seed Treatment: Mix 8-10 gm formulation in 50 ml of water and apply on 1 kg of seed uniformly. Shade dry the seeds for 20-30 minutes before sowing.
  • Seedlings Treatment: Dissolve 500 gm formulation in 50 lit of water Dip seedling roots for about half an hour in the suspension and transplant immediately.
  • Nursery seedbed Treatment: Mix 500 gm formulation in 10 kg of well decomposed Farm Yard Manure /Compost/Vermicompost and broadcast in an acre.
  • Soil Drenching: Mix 1-2 kg formulation in 200 litres of water and drench the soil in 1 acre.
  • Horticulture Crops: Mix 50 – 100 gm formulation per plant in sufficient quantity of well-decomposed farm yard manure/vermi compost/field soil and apply the mixture in effective root zone of fruit tree. The dosage will change depending upon the age of the crop.

Storage Condition 

Store in a cool and dry place.

STD Packing: – 1 KG