Cypermethrin 10% E.C.

Cypermethrin 10% E.C. is a non-cumulative broad-spectrum insecticide. It is a fast-acting neurotoxin with good contact and stomach action. It is moderately toxic to mammals and can be easily metabolised, resulting in an instant loss of activity. Cypermethrin is not plant systemic; it degrades quickly in soil and on plants but retains a high level of activity on inert surfaces. It also controls other pests such as cockroaches, flies, and other indoor pests in houses, hospitals, and schools and protects public health.

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Mechanism of Action –

Cypermethrin interferes the central nervous system of pests and causes muscle spasms and paralysis upon contact or ingestion. Cypermethrin delays the closing of the sodium gate in insects and thus allows sodium flow, which results in multiple nerve impulses instead of one. Cypermethrin also inhibits the calcium uptake by nerves.


• It is very effective in controlling insects immediately after application, even at low doses.
• It does not leave residue in crops, and, as a result, it can be applied a week before crop harvest.

Crops, Pests, and Dosage of Cypermethrin 10% EC



Dosage per Acre

Cotton• Spotted Boll Worm
• American Boll Worm
• Pink Boll Worm


Sugarcane• Early Shoot Borer

220-300 ml

Maize• Hairy Caterpillar


Groundnut• Hairy Caterpillar


Cabbage and Cauliflower• Diamond Back Moth (DBM)


Okra• Shoot and Fruit Borer


Brinjal• Shoot and Fruit Borer, Epitechna Beetle Grub and Adults


Mustard• Sawfly, Aphids