Cypermethrin 25% E.C.

Cypermethrin 25% is a synthetic pyrethroid. It belongs to the pyrethroid ester class. It is used as an insecticide in both large-scale commercial agricultural applications and consumer products. It degrades quickly in soil and plants but can last for weeks when applied to inert indoor surfaces. Its decomposition will be expedited by exposure to sunlight, water, and oxygen.

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Mode of Action

Contact and Stomach Action

Benefits of Cypermethrin 25% EC

  • It is a fast-acting neurotoxin.
  • It controls insects immediately after application.
  • A low dosage is enough to control pests.
  • It leaves no residue on the crops.

Dosage of Cypermethrin 25% EC

Target Crops

Target Pest and Disease

Dose per acre


Bollworms, Jassids, Thrips

60-120 ml


Early Shoot Borer

100 ml


Diamond Back Moth of Cabbage

80 ml


Fruit Borer, Jassids

80 ml


Shoot and Fruit Borer, Epitechna Grub, Jassids

80 ml


Early shoot borer

100 ml

Method of Application

Foliar Spray

Frequency of Application

It depends on pest incidence or the severity of disease.