Fenpyroximate 5% SC

Fenpyroximate 5% SC is a potent mite control pesticide specifically designed for tea, coconut, and chili crops. It effectively targets and eliminates mites infesting these plants. With its long-lasting residual activity, it provides extended protection against mites, helping to prevent crop damage. It is formulated to have systemic and translaminar action, allowing it to reach mites on the undersides of leaves and within plant tissues.

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Mode of Action

Fenpyroximate 5% SC is an acaricide, which means it is an insecticide that targets mites and ticks. Its mode of action is based on disrupting the energy production process of the mite’s cells by inhibiting mitochondrial electron transport. Fenpyroximate works by binding to a specific site on complex III of the mitochondrial respiratory chain. This complex is responsible for transferring electrons from coenzyme Q to cytochrome c, a critical step in the production of ATP, the energy source for the mite. By inhibiting complex III, fenpyroximate disrupts the electron transport chain and blocks the production of ATP, leading to a decrease in energy production and ultimately causing the mite’s death.

Benefits of Fenpyroximate 5% SC

  • It is a very effective miticide.
  • Controls the red spider mite, yellow mite, purple mite, pink mite, and eriophyid mite.
  • Quick knockdown effect against nymphs and adults, mainly by contact action.
  • Moulting and oviposition inhibitory action on nymphs

Application Method

Foliar Spray

Target Crops, Pests, and Dosage of Fenpyroximate 5% SC


Target Pest

Dosage/Acre (ml)

Dilution in Water (Lit/Acre)


Red spider mite, Pink Mite, Purple mite




Yellow Mite




Eriophyde mite

1.12-1.5 ml per tree

1.5 ltr per tree