It’s a soluble yellow-brown powder containing fulvic acid, a biostimulant with exceptional properties. This product has an incredible capacity for nutrient loading. Fulvic acid contains up to 50% fulvate as well as other elements that contribute to its rapid solubility. It is a compound with a low molecular weight.

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Benefits of Fulvic Acid 50% / 80%

  • Fulvic Acid performs all of the functions of other humic acid products in agriculture, with the added benefit of preventing drought and assisting plants in growing roots quickly.
  • It stimulates plant growth by increasing plant metabolism and nutrient intake.
  • Fulvic Acid functions as a chelating agent, storing nutrients for the plant to absorb over time, and should be used in conjunction with regular fertilisers.
  • It is an incredible supplement for increasing nutrient absorption.

Dosage of Fulvic Acid 50% / 80%

  • Fulvic Acid 50% – 250 gm/Acre
  • Fulvic Acid 80% – 150 gm – 200 gm/Acre