Imidacloprid 0.3% GR

It is a systemic soil application insecticide with an active ingredient of Imidacloprid 0.3% GR. In paddy, imidacloprid is used to control stem borer. It is a systemic insecticide with translaminar, contact, and stomach actions. It is quickly absorbed by the plant and distributed acropetally with good root-systemic action.

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Benefits of Imidacloprid 0.3% GR

  • It is a contact and stomach insecticide with a broad spectrum of action.
  • It is compatible with the majority of commonly used pesticides, with the exception of alkaline materials.
  • It is a foliar insecticide with acaricidal properties that can be used in the field.
  • It has synergistic activity, especially in situations where insects have developed resistance to organophosphate and/or synthetic pyrethroids.
  • It has a good translaminar effect and is easily absorbed in plant cells, so it is not affected by rain.
  • It is a systemic insecticide that is used to control sucking insects such as rice hoppers, leaf and plant hoppers, aphids, thrips, and whiteflies.
  • It is effective against soil insects, termites, and some biting insects, including the rice water weevil and the Colorado beetle.

Mode of Action 

Imidacloprid acts as an antagonist. In the insect, it binds to postsynaptic nicotinic receptors in the central nervous system.

Target Crop, Pest and Dosage of Imidacloprid 0.3% GR


Target Pest



Stem Borer

15 Kg