Mycorrhiza Granules

Mycorrhiza granules are an environment-friendly phosphate-solubilizing and nutrient mobilizing fungal product containing Vesicular Arbuscular Mycorrhizal (VAM) named Ecto and Endo-Mycorrhizae. It defines the mutually beneficial relationship between the plant and the root fungus. It also provides protection to the plants from disease-causing organisms to the roots. It helps in improving soil fertility.

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Mycorrhiza Granules release powerful enzymes into the soil that dissolve hard nutrients such as organic nitrogen, phosphorus, iron and other tightly bound nutrients.


  • Increase the surface absorbing area of roots 100 to 1000 times
  • Healthier and more dense root system
  • Improved ability to get nutrients from the soil
  • Better plant growth
  • Significantly lower need of irrigation
  • More Yield and better quality
  • Improves stress tolerance
  • Increase plant resistence to pathogens or environment pressures

Compatible with Fertilisers & Pesticides.



Enhanced Performance with Root Development Base.

This is a microbial used root stimulators along with organic nutrients. These nutrients boosts the performance and effectiveness of mycorrhizae in soil. It is coated on bentonite granules with 60 Spores/1200 IP/gm.
Direction for use: 4 kg/acre as soil application.

Concentrated Mycorrhiza

Concentrated Mycorrhizae with Root Development Base.

A superior quality microbial fungus enriched with large amount of plant growth stimulatory product. It is an excellent yield enhances for crops which boost growth rapidly. Concentrated Mycorrhiza is an advanced formulation plant supplement that promotes seedlings, Cutting, transplanted and direct sown crops. It is non-phytotoxic and for soil or foliar applications. It can be applied through drip irrigations, fertigations, or sprayer systems. This formulation is in powder form with 3500 IP/gm.

Direction for use: 100 gm/acre as soil application.