Paclobutrazol 95% Technical

Paclobutrazol 95% Technical is a high-quality plant growth regulator that controls plant height and promotes compact and sturdy growth. It inhibits gibberellin biosynthesis, reducing internode elongation and preventing lodging. It is used in various crops, ornamental plants, and trees for effective height control and improved plant structure. This is a technical material meant for formulation to reduce concentration.

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Mode of Action

Paclobutrazol is an effective plant growth regulator that works by inhibiting the biosynthesis of gibberellins, which are plant hormones responsible for cell elongation and stem growth. Paclobutrazol is absorbed by plant tissues, primarily through the roots, and transported to the actively growing parts of the plant, such as the shoots, buds, and meristematic tissues. Once inside the plant, Paclobutrazol targets an enzyme known as ent-kaurene oxidase, which is involved in the biosynthesis of gibberellins. By inhibiting this enzyme, Paclobutrazol effectively reduces the production of gibberellins in the plant. Gibberellins are responsible for promoting cell elongation and stem growth. By inhibiting their biosynthesis, Paclobutrazol reduces the elongation of internodes (the spaces between leaves or branches), resulting in shorter and more compact plant growth. This controlled growth helps prevent plants from becoming excessively tall and reduces the risk of lodging (falling or bending due to weak stems) and breakage.

Benefits of Paclobutrazol 95% Technical

  • This is a technical material meant for making different formulations.
  • Effective height control and promotion of compact growth
  • Improved plant structure, including denser foliage, increased branching, and thicker stems.
  • Helps prevent lodging and breakage.
  • Can enhance flowering and fruit set in some plant species.
  • Enables better management of crop height and overall plant appearance.