Tebuconazole 5.36% w/w FS for indigenous manufacture

Tebuconazole 5.36% w/w FS is a systemic fungicide. It constitutes of 5.36% w/w Tebuconazole active ingredient, balance auxiliaries and inert material. Tebuconazole is an active ingredient from the triazole family of fungicides. It delivers both curative and preventative control of diseased plants.

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Target Crop, Disease and Dosage of Tebuconazole 5.36% w/w FS



Dose per Ha


Loose smut

3.33 ml

Mechanism of Action

Tebuconazole is a Demethylation inhibitors (DMI) fungicide. It interferes in the process of structure building of the fungal cell wall and as result eventually inhibits the reproduction and further growth of the fungus.

Method of application

It is used as seed treatment for the control of loose smut disease of wheat.

Frequency of application

Depends on pest incidence or severity of disease.

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