Urea Ammonium Nitrate 32% N (UAN 32%) Liquid

UAN (Urea-Ammonium-Nitrate) is a liquid fertilizer that combines three forms of nitrogen: urea, ammonium, and nitrate. These nitrogen sources enable phased-release crop feeding, providing both immediate and sustained nutrition to plants.

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Each form of nitrogen in UAN offers unique advantages. Nitrate nitrogen provides fast-acting plant food, allowing for a quick response and growth. Ammonium nitrogen delivers longer-lasting nutrition, ensuring sustained feeding for crops. Urea, water-soluble organic nitrogen, contributes to nutrient availability and supports extended plant feeding.

By incorporating these three forms of nitrogen, UAN offers a balanced and comprehensive approach to fertilization. It provides both rapid nutrient availability and continuous feeding, supporting the growth and development of crops over time.

Benefits of Urea Ammonium Nitrate (UAN 32% N) Liquid

  • Provides both fast-acting and long-lasting plant food through its combination of three forms of nitrogen.
  • Demonstrates excellent compatibility with other fertilizers and various chemicals.
  • Easy to store, handle, and calibrate, ensuring accurate application in the field.
  • Exhibits high application efficiency in all climatic zones.
  • Allows for uniform and homogeneous application, ensuring consistent nutrient distribution across the crop.

Target Crop(s), Application Method, and Dosages of Urea Ammonium Nitrate (UAN 32% N) Liquid


Application Method


Field Crops, Vegetables, Plantation Crops, Pulses, and Horticulture Crops

Foliar and Drenching

400-500 ml per acre