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Maximize Apple Orchard Success with Domalin

When it comes to cultivating apple orchards, achieving the perfect balance between tree development and fruit quality is essential. And that is where a remarkable Bio-Stimulant, Domalin, comes in.

Domalin, designed specifically for apples, is a powerful Bio-Stimulant in the hands of orchard managers, helping them enhance fruit size, shape, and overall crop value while promoting healthier tree growth. It has been making waves in the apple farming industry for its remarkable benefits. Let us explore its advantages and the science behind its action on apple crops in this blog post.

What is Domalin?

Domalin is a Bio-Stimulant formulated to optimize the growth and development of apple trees and their fruit. It is versatile and suitable for addressing various challenges apple orchard growers face.

Its key benefits include:

  1. Fruit Size and Shape Improvement

Domalin works its magic by elongating apple fruit and promoting the development of more prominent calyx lobes. This results in uniform apples.

  1. Russet Reduction

One of the common challenges in apple orchards is fruit russet. It is an effective solution to reduce the occurrence of russet, which can blemish the fruit and reduce its market value.

  1. Improved Fruit Set After Frost

In regions prone to late frosts, apple crop losses can be devastating. Domalin helps boost fruit set after frost events, increasing the overall yield.

  1. Aid for Low-Natural Set Pear Varieties

For pear varieties that have difficulty setting fruit naturally, Domalin can lend a helping hand in ensuring a successful fruit set.

  1. Enhanced Fruit Value

By improving the size, shape, and overall quality of apples, Domalin increases its market value, making it a valuable investment for orchard managers.

Application Methods and Timing

To get the most out of Domalin, it’s crucial to apply it correctly. Here are the recommended methods and timing for optimal results:

Application MethodApplication TimeDosage
Foliar sprayOnly a single application at the full-bloom stage1.25 ml/ltr / 840-1680ml /ha



Domalin is a valuable tool for apple orchard growers, offering the potential to improve fruit quality. When used correctly, it can enhance the overall success of your orchard by producing larger, more attractive apples and promoting healthier tree growth. As you implement this Bio-Stimulant, you’ll be well on your way to a thriving and bountiful apple orchard.