Acetobacter, Nitrogen fixing bacteria. Specifically for sugar producing crops such as sugarcane, sweet potato.

Active Ingredient – Acetobacter
CFU count – NLT 1X 108 cfu/gm
Functional Uses – Bio-Fertilizer


  • Acetobacter forms colonies inside crop tissue and makes available nitrogen for plant consumption. Acetobacter also produce growth hormone like IAA for root and shoot growth.
  • Improves the soil fertility and reduces the use of chemical fertilizers. It is Harmless, Eco-friendly and low cost agro-input.
  • Promote root proliferation and increase the rootlet density and root branching which resulting in increased uptake of mineral and water which promotes plant growth.


  • Seed treatment:Before sowing the seeds, treat one kg of seeds with 35-40 gm of formulation with
    a minimum amount of water required, dry in shade.
  • Soil application:Mix 5 kg of formulation with 100 kg of well-decomposed organic manure or 50 kg
    vermicompost, keep the mixture under shade for one week and broadcast to the field.
  • Drip irrigation:Mix five kg of formulation in 100 litre of water. Filter the mixture with a muslin / malmal cloth and use the filtered solution in drip irrigation for one acre.

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