Calcium Glycinate

Calcium glycinate is a chemical compound that consists of calcium bound to the amino acid glycine. Calcium Glycinate Micronutrient Fertilizer is a specialized formulation designed to enhance plant growth and development by providing a readily available source of calcium, an essential micronutrient. With the unique combination of calcium and glycine, this fertilizer offers improved nutrient uptake and utilization, promoting healthier and more robust plants.

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Role of Calcium Glycinate

  • Calcium is used as calcium pectinate to form the middle lamella in the cell wall for the metabolism of lipids.
  • Involved in the enlargement and division of the cell.
  • Helps in the translocation of carbohydrates and also activates enzyme action in plants.

Calcium Deficiency

  • Growing tips of roots and leaves turn brown and die
  • Buds and blossoms fall prematurely
  • Younger leaves may be cupped and crinkled
  • Chlorotic and necrotic spots
  • Blossom end rot disease

Mode of action

Calcium glycinate acts on plants by enhancing calcium uptake and utilization, strengthening cell walls, activating enzymes, facilitating nutrient transport, and regulating plant hormones. It improves calcium availability in the soil, allowing plants to efficiently absorb this essential nutrient through their roots. Once inside the plant, calcium glycinate is incorporated into the cell walls, providing structural strength and rigidity. It activates enzymes necessary for growth and metabolic processes, ensuring optimal biochemical reactions. By facilitating nutrient transport, it aids in the distribution of other vital elements throughout the plant. Additionally, calcium glycinate helps regulate plant hormones, influencing various growth and developmental processes. Overall, these actions promote robust plant growth, increased stress tolerance, improved fruit quality, and overall plant vigour.

Benefits of Calcium glycinate

  • Prevents fruit and flower dropping
  • Reduces biotic & abiotic stress
  • Improves fruit storage capacity and fruit size
  • Calcium sustains the consistency of the cell wall, ensuring the fruit’s form and lustre
  • Improves fruit and floral shelf life
  • Increases the flowering process and improves flower setting

Target Crop, Application Time, and Dosage of Calcium glycinate

Target Crops

Application time


Apple, Banana, Brinjal, Chilli, Capsicum, Tomato, Mango, other field and vegetable crops

Foliar spray at flowering stage and after 15 days of first spraying

1-2 ml /lit