Crop Tiger is a uniquely designed formulation for the enhanced growth of the field crops. Crop Tiger is a versatile product which enables the usage of Crop Tiger for a majority of field crops to obtain assured positive results. This grey coloured free flowing organic formulation has shown proven results of increasing the incredible amount of yield in crops.  It is a thoughtfully crafted blend of Kelp extract, Amino Acids and Multivitamins.

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Benefits of Crop Tiger

  • Nutritive Bio-solution: In addition to the presence of organic Kelp extracts, Crop Tiger is  loaded with numerous other nutrients like amino acids, potassium oxide and multi-vitamins that fill all the nutritional requirements for the better growth of plants. It provides the plants with the right balance of nutrition and thus ensures a greater overall development of the field crops. This unique nutritive balance is composed according to the plant growth needs. Highly nutritious BioSolutions enhances the yield by multifold and makes crop farming more profitable.

  • Longer maturation period: Aging, stress, and senescence are all interconnected with each other. These processes determine the longevity of plants. Crop Tiger being rich in multivitamins removes the free radical formed during respiration.  This delays the plant aging (senescence) and thus extends the production phase.

  • Antifungal agent: Crops are commonly attacked by fungal pathogens. These biotic agents cause great havoc to the final yields. Crop Tiger with its antifungal properties shield the plants from the fungal attacks of Fusarium wilt, Powdery mildew, etc. This makes the plants easily resist the pathogenic attacks.

  • Unbreakable Immunity: Application of Crop Tiger not only makes the plants immune to biotic stress but also to abiotic stress conditions. Immunity that builds in the plants makes them tolerate high temperatures and drought. It acts as a plant immunity booster and prevents the disease from spreading to different crops

  • Rigid & thicker plant cells: Cell wall forms a rigid structure that increases the thickness of plant cells. It protects the plants from external mechanical damage. Crop Tiger enhances the quality of fruits and vegetables by constructing thicker cell walls of the stem and stalks. Rigid plant cells also have the ability to tolerate high osmotic pressure.

  • Improved productivity: Presence of potassium dioxide protects the photosynthetic pigments in the leaves. The chloroplast structure remains protected by potassium dioxide. Thus, it improves photosynthesis in plants. Enhanced photosynthesis enables better accumulation of nutrition in the plants.

  • Microbial activator: Being a biostimulator Crop Tiger activates beneficial microbes around the plant roots. It has the ability to enhance buffering capacity of the soil that stimulates the plant growth. The activated beneficial microbes allow better absorption of water and minerals by the roots of the plants and enhances the overall plant growth.

Product Compositions:

Multi- VitaminMin 1%
Plant Extract (Kelp Extract)Min 30%
Amino acidMin 14%
Potassium OxideMin 15%
Organic MatterMin 30%
FillerMin 10%


Dosage of Crop Tiger 

Paddy1 kg/acre
Sugarcane2 kg/acre
Potato1 kg/acre
Wheat1 kg/acre
Banana2 gm/plant
Orchards500 gm/acre
Vegetable1 kg/acre
Citrus1 kg/acre
Horticulture crops1 kg/acre
Soybean1 kg/acre
Barley1 kg/acre


Application Method 

Crop Tiger can be used by the method of foliar spray or soil drenching. Apply Crop Tiger before vegetative growth in grain crops. It can also be applied before the fruiting stage. Do not use herbicides, fungicides, insecticides, and pesticides along with it.