Nano Aminofert Gold is the flagship product of Peptech Biosciences Limited. This product is well sufficient with free Amino Acids, Carbon and micronutrients. This is an ideal nutrition balancer for the soil and crops. Nano Aminofert Gold eliminates the risk of any deficiency in the soil, thus the full growth of crops is not hindered.

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WHY Nano Aminofert Gold?

Nano Aminofert Gold consists of 5u (Microns) size particles, which gives outstanding and absolute penetration in the crops. Nano Aminofert Gold catalyzes the production of chlorophyll and smoothens the functioning of respiratory and photosynthetic systems. It is recommended to be used during the early growth stage of the plant for root development. It is essential for apical growth of the plant. The minerals are distributed and transported well throughout the plant. It enhances yield in the biotic and abiotic stress and increases rhizosphere. This product regulates metabolic activities within plants.

Physical ParametersNano Aminofert Gold Liquid
AppearanceBrown Viscios Liquid
SolubilitySoluble in Water


Chemical ParametersNano Aminofert Gold Liquid
pH(2% soln at 25°C3.5 – 4.5
Organic MatterNLT 90%
Amino AcidesNLT 35%
Other trace elements(Zn, Mg, Mn, B, Ca, Fe)NMT 5%
Praticle Size5μ(Microns)

Recommended Crops:

Nano Aminofert Gold may be used on legumes, grain crops, root crops, cucurbits, leafy vegetables, woody and herbaceous ornamentals, deciduous fruits, vine crops, tropical and subtropical fruits, and many other crops and turfs.

Application Method:

1) Foliar spray application: 1.5-2 ml Nano Aminofert Gold per litre of water is recommended. Nano Aminofert Gold can be included in a regularspray program on crops and compatible with otherspray materials.<

2) Drenching Process: 500 ml-1 ltr of Nano Aminofert Gold per acre is recommended.

The rate of application depends on the crop, stage of growth, and severity of deficiency. The maximum recommended rates are for mature, full-sized plants. Reduce the rates proportionately when spraying on smaller plants.

Recommended Dosage of Nano Aminofert Gold

Field Crops & Vegetables: Apply 150-200 ml per acre during periods of rapid growth or nutritional stress. The application may be repeated twice or more times through the growing season.

Grapes and Vine Crops: Make an application of 150 – 200 ml per acre after active growth begins. The application may be repeated at intervals of one week or more through the vegetative growth period.

Tree Crops: Use 10-15 ml of Nano Aminofert Gold in 10 ltr water per tree. Apply Nano Aminofert Gold at the beginning of active growth. The application may be repeated at 2-4 week intervals through the growing season.