Potassium Humate 98%  Flake are made from natural high grade Leonardite. It is a high-quality plant stimulant and soil conditioner with high concentration of humic acid, it could be stored and transported easily. Its solubility is excellent, could be formulated by different fertilizers and pesticides it can be used for compound fertilizer production, irrigation and foliar spray. It’s applied in landscape and garden as well as agricultural and horticultural plants.

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Benefits of Potassium Humate 98% Flakes / Powder

  1. Promote fertilizer efficiency by improving soil structure.
  2. Increase and improve the water holding and cation exchange capacities.  
  3. Prevent soil from heavy metallic ions, reduce pesticide residue contaminations.
  4. Enhance Anti-hard water ability of soil.
  5. Stimulates healthy plants growth and seed germination.
  6. Promote rapid root growth and development.
  7. Increases the nutrient uptake by plants, through their leaves and roots.
  8. Effectiveness of pesticides is also improved.
  9. Increase yield and improve the quality of plants.

Application of  Potassium Humate 98%

Soil Application:

2-4 Kg / Ha / time, 2-3 times during seedling stage and growth stage.

Foliar Application:

1-2 Kg / Ha / time, 2-3 times during seedling stage and growth stage.