Seaweed liquid is produced by fermenting this seaweed using a cold process in which microbial organisms rupture the cell wall and release bio-stimulant substances into the broth. In the early stages of crop growth, seaweed liquid aids in optimising vegetative growth. Seaweed liquid activates soil bacteria, particularly rhizosphere bacteria, which are responsible for root system growth.

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Benefits of Seaweed Liquid 20%

  • It improves tillering, vegetative growth, root growth, and nutrient uptake.

  • It is an environmentally friendly bio-stimulant.
  • Can be used with several bio-fertilizer inoculums.
  • It may reduce leaching in soil.
  • Improve soil conditions by activating PGPR.
  • It may strengthen the plant’s defence system against abiotic stress such as drought.
  • By increasing nutrient uptake and defending the system, it can also contribute to increased yield.
  • Improve the plant’s overall health.


In the early stages of plant development, use 2 mL/L of water.

Typical acre dose: 500 ml – 1 L

Typical hectare dose:1.25 -2.5 L

Recommended Application

Foliar application

Soil application