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Protect Your Crops from Ozone Depletion

You work so hard to yield great crop results then why would you let your precious crops bear the brunt of the harmful rays of the sun? We have all grown up studying that photosynthesis the process in which energy provided from the sunlight is used by the green plants to turn carbon dioxide and water into food) is essentials and hence crops and plants must be subjected to sunlight. Sunlight in a limited and appropriate amount is certainly good for your crops but too much of it can destroy your crops as well.

How does ozone depletion affect crops?

Crops not only utilize sunlight to nourish themselves they also save harvest the energy they get from the sunlight using carotenoid and chlorophyll. Carotenoid is a photo protective agent and prevents any detrimental photodynamic process from taking place, while chlorophyll is the quintessential light absorber. Carotenoid and chlorophyll are both photon-capturing molecules that will end up if your crops are exposed to sunlight more than necessary, they will create harmful molecules called free radicals. Free radicals lead to further damage to proteins and other important cellular molecules hence creating photo-damage in the crops.

The crops have, however, developed a strategy to protect themselves from the damage caused by excessive sunlight which is to dissipate the extra light as heat. The light-harvesting complexes – Carotenoid and chlorophyll help in dissipating the heat through a chlorophyll-to-carotenoid energy transfer. The free radicals formed during this respiration process needs to be removed to improve the longevity of the plants.

Source – blogs.cornell.edu

Man-made chlorofluorocarbons are contaminating and depleting the stratospheric ozone layer hence increasing more and more ozone exposure to the crops which damages cells as well as destroy the leaf tissues. Excessive exposure to Ozone reduces the crop’s ability to photosynthesize and hence produce their own food. Crops grow more leaves as a survival strategy, but it reduces the number of stored carbohydrates in the roots and stems which in turn weakens the crops, making them susceptible to disease, pests, cold and drought. These environmental changes caused by contamination and pollution through man-made chemicals can bring catastrophic consequences for our environment and ecosystems. Excessive Ozone exposure has the ability to disturb the stability of our ecosystems, which will, in turn, lead to the extinction of a lot of species.

How to protect your crops from harmful rays?

Studies have shown UV-B is known to impair the photosynthesis process in many species of plants. Excessive exposure of plants for a long duration to UV-B will reduce the productivity, size and overall quality in many of the crop plant species that have been studied like the winter wheat, corn, cotton, soybeans and many varieties of rice.

Plant or agricultural Bio stimulants are a boon for the entire botanical community. Plant or agricultural Bio stimulants enhance abiotic stress tolerance, nutrition efficiency, and/or crop quality traits, they improve nutritional intake in plants as well.

Kelp extracts which are usually derived from the sea are one of the most powerful plant Bio stimulant. It contains more than 70 trace macro and micronutrients, carbohydrates, hormones, minerals, and proteins. It improves rooting, germination, and early plant development, as well as crop yield, vigor and quality. It nourishes and energizes Feeds Plant Growth Promoting Rhizobacteria (PGPR) as well as reduce biotic and abiotic plant stress. It definitely plays a role in improving soil aeration, texture and water holding capacity.

Kelp extract also contains bioactive compounds like carotenoids, polysaccharides, and vitamins that help in UV protection.

Scavenging singlet oxygen, photo protection and peroxyl radicals are the three main functions of carotenoids. The photo protective characteristic of carotenoids plays a crucial role in photosynthesis. Carotenogenic strains are known to be more resistant to death caused by light hence providing overall protection to your precious crops. Polysaccharides are one of the best ingredients used in agrochemicals to improve crop yield. Polysaccharides are hydrophilic and biodegradable polymers. 

The functionality of Antioxidants and different vitamins to save guard plant:

All the vitamins are essential for the photo protection of crops, however, vitamin C plays a crucial in plant growth and photosynthesis as studies have shown that some plants are unable to grow without vitamin C supplements. Vitamin B complex is essential for plant growth as it contributes to a lot of metabolic processes taking place in the plants which are essential for their growth.

The free oxidative radicals that are created by the plants are extremely harmful to them as the oxidative stress can be fatal for the plants. Exogenous antioxidants or boosting endogenous antioxidants can help repair and prevent oxidative damage caused by reactive oxygen species (ROS). Hence antioxidants are essential if you want optimal sustainability and strength for your plants.

Amino acids are required by plants especially when they are at crucial stages of growth.   Amino Acids are absorbed by the plants through the Stoma. The absorption of amino acids through stoma is proportionate to environment temperature. Amino Acids are core ingredients in the process of Protein Synthesis for plants because 20 important Amino Acids are involved in the process of each function, research states that they can indirectly or directly influence the physiological activities of the plant. DNA damage takes place due to the direct effect of ionizing radiation on the plants. Amino acid in the DNA binding proteins like histones has the ability to repair by an electron transfer reaction and hence repair DNA damage.

Aggregating all the ingredients that benefit your crops as well as build up their immunity, that too in the correct amount is a huge hassle. A nutritive bio solution that combines all the ingredients for optimal crop yield is what your crops need to grow to their full potential. Crop tiger is a one of a kind, one-stop bio solution to all your crop needs.  Crop tiger is full of amino acids, potassium oxide and multi-vitamins hence enhancing the yield of your crops by multi-folds.

Crop tiger helps minimize the effects of harmful sun rays by removing the free radical formed during respiration which helps delay senescence. Not only does it protect your crops from biotic stress but also helps your crops tolerate high temperatures and drought hence providing protection from biotic stress as well.

Silicon is known to protect the chloroplast structure in leaves hence the silicon in crop tiger is known to protect the photosynthetic pigments in the leaves. Enhanced photosynthesis leads to a better accumulation of nutrients in the plants.

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